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TDS Meter Hanna HI 98301
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Harga: Rp. 2.750.000 / Unit
Pembelian Minimal: 1 Unit
Pembelian Maksimal: 1000 Unit
Pengiriman: 3 hari sejak pembayaran
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Update: 07-05-2019 09:34
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 TDS Meter Hanna HI 98301
Rp 2,750,000
Spesifikasi TDS Meter Hanna HI 98301
Jual Alat Uji Kualitas Air TDS meter Hanna HI 98301 dengan faktor koreksi 0,5, dengan rentang pengukuran sampai dengan 1990 ppm
DiST testers are reliable, pocket-sized instruments that will give you quick and accurate readings of conductivity and TDS.
This popular line of dissolved solid testers have been redesigned to offer a host of improvements.
The casing has been modified to provide increased strength, a better fit for holding and a large LCD for easy viewing. The grphite sensors provide better repeatability since they do not oxidize. The casing has been engineered to allow air bubbles to escape. The temp sensor is exposed to provide faster response time.
If calibration is necessary, simply submerge the electrode tip into calibration solution and adjust the trimmer on the side of the tester.
Supplied with protective cap, screwdriver, batteries and instructions.
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